running log

Last Thursday 5.5 miles
Last Friday nothing
Last Saturday 20 miles, 3:27 minutes. Had to walk a couple times, it was a really hot day. I ran a pace that my knees did not hurt the whole way instead of trying to stay with the other runners. I was in front for the first 14 miles but then could not hold it so came in 2nd.

Last Sunday - rest day (played paint ball)

2.75 miles. My legs hurt every step of the way. I felt like I could have done the 4 miles but decided I better rest more so hopefully tomorrow I am not still sore from the 20 miler.

No major pain like after the other really long runs.

running log

Thursday ran
Friday ran 6+ mile loop along Shingle Creek and the river
Today: 2 hours and 10 minutes for this 13.86 miles.

I was really tired, more than before I think. My face started feeling tight which cannot be a good thing. Only had about 5 minutes left to go when that happened though. Also my stomach was upset, I do not think I can mix ultimate drink with gel shots. I need to make sure I pace drinks and food so I do not forget them or take them too often. It was really hot today as well so that did not help.

running log

2 miles today.

My knees felt better today after taking yesterday off. But I did not want to push it so I just did a slow short run. It should be ok if I run 12 or 14 miles saturday since I have missed about 8 miles and schedule only had 6 on saturday. Hopefully I will be fully recovered before the next 20 miler.